ASC stands for “Agriculture Supported Community.”
ASC is a model of distributing fresh foods to people who cannot shoulder the one-time payment of $500 or $250 required by most CSA farms at the beginning of the growing season. The Rodale Institute, an organic research farm in Pennsylvania, pioneered the model in 2012. Now it’s time Montana spurred its own. Check out our state’s first Summer ASC Contract!

The basic idea is that ASC members pay-as-they-go. That is, members sign up at any time to receive deliveries of vegetables made available at three locations. Payments are made $25 at a time (the equivalent rate paid by members of the CSA Program) for deliveries made each week.

You can read our reasons for kickstarting an ASC Program detailed here. Basically, we’re doing this for students of the University of Montana who may return at the peak of the growing season in, say, August or September in search of weekly deliveries of fresh foods. And we’re doing this for families who can’t afford to join the farm any other way due to the up-front costs of full or half share membership. If you find yourself in either of these positions, ASC is for you!

Be a part of local agriculture and incentivize healthier eating every week you’re in town!

Sign up for foods like these each week:

A Typical Weekly Share for ASC Members

A Typical Weekly Share for ASC Members

The Nitty Gritty
Become an ASC member: at any time
ASC Payments: $25 due weekly
Filling out this Contract: obligates ASC members pay each week
Pickup locations:
Wednesdays and Saturdays @ the farm, Wednesdays @ the new Sunrise Coffee ShopWednesdays @ Sacajawea ParkOR Saturdays @ the Clark Fork Market

The Food: bears a striking resemblance to full CSA shares because it is. We harvest 40 varieties of vegetables from June-October. And we clean many whole grains and legumes (like farro, oats, barley, lentils and chickpeas) for deliveries made the last two weeks of October.

We hope this program makes farm membership more accessible to more people.
We understand that farm expenses are concentrated at the start of the season (pre-May), that early lump payments from members makes our lives as farmers easier, and that anyone who “drops out” of this program before the season ends poses a risk to our farm’s financial security. But this is a community farm. We will over-plant, weed out extra beds, and maintain surplus crops in the fields in the chance that our food makes it into new hands — including low-income families and students.

ashland csa

We challenge you to think of three people who would seriously benefit from our Agriculture Supported Community enterprise. It may be one of the only options they have to consistently support local farmers and obtain the high-quality foods they deserve!

Click here
to download our 2014 crop list.
Click here to download your Agriculture Supported Community Member Application


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