Gobble .. Gobble Gobble (for your farm!)

Dear Friends,

A few weeks back..
Our Halloween costumes were
Conceived of and donned with joy..


Now we’re ready for the next fall festivity!

How about ‘chu?

Have you thought about sourcing
real food for your thanksgiving feast?


We’re two weeks out from the big meal …

And I can think of three striking reasons
why you should purchase our
Thanksgiving FarmShare
for this November 28th!


Boiled down, they’re:

taste .. celebrating the importance of  place .. and developing a turkey-tastic future!


The #1 reason is, of course, taste.  If you’re going to bring the whole family together, you might as well feed your guests a suite of delicious farm chow!  

#2 is to reconnect your feast to your local foodshed in a way that was commonplace for our ancestors. Screw nostalgia.  This is about finding taste and establishing a tradition based on your values!  Have you ever tried any endangered foods from the Ark of Taste?  After this feast, you and your fam certainly will have!

#3 is a little off the beaten trail.  But bare with me.  As shareholders of our farm, I thought you’d like to know about it.  Our farm springs from humble beginnings.  At this point, we’re trying to turn a hobby into a livelihood by leasing land and marketing directly to people, not just supply chains.  We’re in the business of preservation — of land and life.  As such, the proceeds from this Thanksgiving FarmShare will go into both.  Sales of these shares will help us build our heritage turkey squadron for next season, which will have a cascade of benefits for the land we manage.


Can you see it?

farm in september

A whole patrol of large avians … grazing through layers of vegetation, combing for insects, helping us improve nutrient cycling and the life of the soil WHILE each individual runs around in a prehistoric fashion???

We Can!

But we need your support to do it!  According to our mathematics, we need 15 members, each purchasing shares in our farm in order for us to support efforts to breed a community of between 50 and 100 birds.

We’re selling 15 Thanksgiving FarmShares at a very affordable price of $94 per share.  

These shares entitle members to take home:

1 ‘Red Bourbon’ Turkey
5 lbs of Winter Squash
5 lbs of Mixed Potatoes
3 lbs of Carrots
2 Yellow Onions
2 Garlic Bulbs
1 Pumpkin

With the profits from this share program, we will invest in the necessary pieces of the breeding puzzle.  My partner, Josh Smith, has a good many female turkeys.  But in order to play matchmaker, we need toms!  So, after purchasing 25 birds from a local turkey enthusiast and after we butcher 15 of them for families this November, our plan is to raise 10 toms, overwintering them for breeding next season.

In order to do this, logic demands we lay the infrastructure for this flock.  This will require incubators, nesting boxes, a spankin’ new coop made from reused materials, and a whole ton of feed.  Not cheap.  But by milling our own timber, and supporting other Montana grain growers, we’ll make out okay.  It’s an investment in the foodshed and providing more well-rounded diets in the future.

Please contact us through the usual avenues to support our work.  Call us at (406)214-6664 or contact us via email @ missoulagvc@gmail.com.  We can’t wait to feed you, as always!


Max Smith

Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. (and soon to be Turkey Co.)


One thought on “Gobble .. Gobble Gobble (for your farm!)

  1. Hey Max, Paul Mason (friend of your dad’s from back east). Sounds delicious, but a bit too far afield for us. Note (unless writer dad has already brought to your attention) it’s “bear with me”, not “bare”. That would suggest being joined by naked people, though that could be fun, too.

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